To avoid not receiving what you request, you must resist

 To avoid not receiving what you request

Unleash the Power of the Law of Attraction and Manifest Your Desires

You must avoid not getting what you ask for, you must resist

The Law of Attraction can be summed up in one phrase: "Ask and you shall receive."

When you are clear about what you want, it will start to come to you.

You can only prevent yourself from getting what you want in life by refusing to accept it.

A universal law governs this. The Law of Attraction always operates with such mathematical precision that it must bring about people, circumstances, and opportunities that reflect our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, just as the Law of Gravity must always draw toward the center.

The most typical type of resistance is doubt. We frequently take time to define the new house, job, automobile, or relationship we wish to enjoy. We then start to entertain ideas that seem to support our doubts.

That is far too expensive. (I don't think I could afford it)

"No one possesses all the attributes I look for in a partner. Too finicky am I. (I don't think I'll ever find someone who will adore and accept me.)

A woman has never been hired by this company for that position. (I don't think they'll pick me.)

I've learned that being open to the potential that something could happen rather than necessarily believing that it will happen is the best cure for doubt.

Do you agree that if even one individual has succeeded in achieving what you want, it might also happen to you? There is a chance.

I was aware of the "reality" that the bank often wanted proof of three years' worth of earnings when I went to acquire clearance for the mortgage on my harborside condo. I could only provide proof of income for three months that was sufficient to qualify for such a hefty mortgage.

I could have chosen to concentrate on what I lacked. I could have concentrated on the information I knew about bank loans. I might have stated, "I really want to live there, but I don't think the bank will approve me for the mortgage." All of my family and friends would have likely agreed with me and added their own experiences to support my skepticism.

I didn't know for sure if the bank manager would approve me based on those three months of salary, but I had faith that he might, so I kept my mind on that viable option.

It was fascinating to see the bank manager process the "facts" and his impression of my capabilities while calculating numbers on his calculator. When he eventually looked up and stated, "If you can sell your current condo for this amount and buy the harborside condo for this amount, it's yours," I wonder if it was with some reluctance that he voiced his faith in me. Because I am the bank manager, I can authorize a mortgage of this amount without needing to demonstrate three years of income.

What do you blatantly want out of life? What ideas or words have you conveyed that you have rejected by allowing doubt to enter your mind? What do you actually desire? You will if you are prepared to keep your mind open to even the prospect of receiving it.

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