As Individual As Your Fingerprints Are, Your Preferences

 As Individual As Your Fingerprints Are, Your Preferences

Discover Your True Desires With the Law of Attraction: How to Identify What You Really Want in Life

If you truly believed that everything you love and enjoy is perfect for you, how would your life be different?

What would happen if you were able to confidently decline an offer because you prefer something else?

If you truly believed that others' decisions were the best ones for them, how would you view other people?

By observing how things feel and asking ourselves, "Which feels better?," the law of Attraction helps us to identify our individual preferences. That or this? We discover things about ourselves that result in a great deal of personal freedom and enjoyment when we take the time to notice our feelings.

I used to try to live by a set of rules or principles until I learned about the Law of Attraction and how I attract people, circumstances, and opportunities in perfect harmony with my vibration (vibes). I recall asking my pastor once for a list of these guidelines so I could check to see if I was living morally. I exerted every effort to be the ideal mother, responsible homemaker, and selfless Christian. I believed that if I lived up to what other people anticipated, I would also find happiness. I wasn't a cheerful, happy person. I was a person in excruciating emotional suffering who eventually became physically ill.

However, the Law of Attraction taught me to pay attention when something doesn't feel right since that uneasy sensation is a sign that something isn't right for me. Anything that doesn't fit with who I am and all the goals I came here to achieve won't feel nice. WOW! I had been putting my hand on a hot burner and attempting to tolerate the discomfort. I was getting numb to the pain because I had endured constant physical and emotional suffering for such a long time. (Due to the removal of all nerve endings, a third-degree burn is painless)

I eventually realized the truth one day: I am the only one who can decide what is best for me. I am the only one who can determine what is healthy for me. I can tell by observing how everything feels and then seeking out the idea, concept, or item that feels the greatest.

Good is satisfying. Poor feel poor. Abraham Hicks

Knowing and respecting my particular preferences allows me to naturally realize ALL of my life's goals. I already have all the goals I set for this lifetime implanted in me. I read the program by focusing on what makes me extremely happy and following that. In actuality, this is the quickest and simplest path to contentment. I felt as though I had wasted thirty years of my life trying to put up with a bad marriage until I discovered the Law of Attraction. But after using the Law of Attraction in the manner outlined in this essay for five years, I felt caught up in life. I had a stunning insight around two years ago: "Today, I am exactly where I would be if I had done the first 55 years of my life differently." That feels INCREDIBLE!

Now I say to my kids, "Your fingerprints are as unique to you as your particular preferences. In this world, there are some things that only you can do, and your preferences can help you find the best way to live your life.

How are you doing? Do you picture yourself in this perspective? Have you ever questioned why you stand out from the crowd? Are you prepared to acknowledge that you and your tastes are the best ones for YOU?

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