What Can You Do If Your Preemie Is in the NICU

 What Can You Do If Your Preemie Is in the NICU

The Impact Of Parental Presence For Preemies In The NICU

What Can You Do If Your Preemie Is in the NICU

You find it difficult to believe that this little, wrinkled baby who is linked to every imaginable device could be yours since your emotions are wrapped up in that tiny little preterm bundle. However, you are sternly welcomed into motherhood when your heart is broken in more ways than you could ever imagine and waiting appears to go on forever.

When you realize that 1300 premature babies are born on average every day in the US, it is simply astounding. You are most likely the parent of one of these preemies if you are reading this post. What can you control in this new, chaotic world of NICU life with so many things out of your control?

Be present with your newborn

Being present for your child is the first thing you can manage. Even while it may appear like you are just standing around being a nuisance, you are actually contributing significantly. Your preemie needs and demands your voice, your touch, your prayers, and your unconditional love while he or she works to gain strength. Your infant is able to see, hear, and/or feel you. You are valuable and required.

It is crucial that you are present mentally. Even if everything feels so bizarre and out of body, you can start concentrating on the crucial aspects of your preemie's care. Find out your baby's daily schedule, his reactions, and his physical restrictions. Keep yourself informed so you can spot the little details that are missed when caring for your preemie. Then, rather than merely acting like a worried parent, you may ask that these issues be handled professionally.

Information is power

The phrase "Knowledge Is Power" is well known. A significant one given that you are now your baby's coach and cheerleader for the remainder of his or her life. Start getting as much information as you can about your preemie's unique medical requirements, both now and in the future. Your baby's doctor, reliable websites, books, articles (like this one), and other seasoned preemie parents are all excellent sources of knowledge, motivation, and education for you.

When you are stretched so thin, it may seem difficult to find the time, but persist and go slowly when you do. Set modest objectives for yourself. Keep in mind that you will achieve considerably more if you set goals than if you do not. Some of these things are possible while your baby is with you in the NICU.

Consider the future

Finally, consider the future. Long-term goal setting is a really beneficial activity for any parent, despite the fact that it may seem absurd to plan out what kind of parent you want to be for the next 18 years. It's hard to imagine that the years will fly past right now because it feels like time is going on forever. When your preemie is older, you may practice small skills now, like patience, and it will be simpler.

When your preemie does something that makes you angry, joyful, sad, annoyed, outraged, or amused, how are you going to respond to them? How will you train and congratulate your infant? What types of people would you allow and not allow your child to be around? Do you want to establish any new family traditions? What positive behaviors would you like to see your preemie develop?

It is much more difficult to slip into persistent anxiety if you keep your thoughts occupied with all of the things you can do for your new infant. Though it may seem difficult, try not to think about things like: Will my kid make it; What problems will my baby have; I can't do this anymore; Is my baby in pain; and other worries that are bothering you. Even when you are tempted to let your mind wander, stay committed to your objectives and have a good outlook.

Keep in mind that you are the greatest possible parent for your preemie and that your child is depending on you. If you take it one day at a time, you can do it. At times, you might even need to take each issue one at a time, breaking it down into minutes. You are not struggling alone, and many other parents have overcome similar obstacles before you.

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