You only require 51% belief to start drawing

 You only require 51% belief to start drawing

Unlock Your Artistic Potential with 51% Belief. Jumpstart Your Creativity: Start Drawing

Too many individuals "beat themselves up" as they learn about and start using the Law of Attraction in their lives. Why do they punish themselves so much? Because they believe they aren't doing it correctly or have enough faith when their desire doesn't manifest in a few days. They believe that in order to receive, they must have complete faith—no shadow of a doubt. They therefore make an effort to persuade themselves as well as the universe that they DO have 100% belief even when, deep down, they don't.

The good news is here! To begin obtaining all of your objectives, wants, and hopes, you just need to have a 51% belief; after that, whatever you want in life will begin to materialize. Simply hold onto the hope that you can achieve your goals. You only need to tip the scales slightly to start seeing subtle (or large) signs that your desire is approaching.

Possibility develops into probability as long as you have a mindset of possibility. The progression from probability to belief and from belief to certainty. Doubt is the antithesis of certainty.

An actual account I heard this week from Tony, a coaching client, goes as follows

Since becoming aware of the Law of Attraction, I've come to realize that there are moments when I am unable to BE the way I would like to be. I recalled what you said when I found myself in an impossible scenario this week: "Start with it's possible instead of starting from a place of certainty, 100% guarantee."

This past weekend, we went to see friends in another state. We arrived at our gate, which was literally the furthest gate in the airport, with six minutes to spare on our return flight, but they close the aircraft ten minutes before departure and did not open it for anyone. As a result, we really missed our flight by four minutes. We were added to the waiting list for the subsequent flight, which was already packed. Every flight after that one was completely booked, and since we both had busy schedules, staying an extra night wasn't the best option. We needed to return home so we could start working on Monday.

I found it difficult to accept that we would board the subsequent flight as "Standby." Because we missed our previous flight, we were out of baby food, and my son was growing antsy for a nap, My wife was still in a panic.                                             

Though I kept telling myself "It's possible," I could not bring myself to believe we were boarding that flight. The next thing I know, a flight attendant has taken a shine to my son and has struck up a conversation with my wife. Before I knew it, we had literally the last two seats left on the plane, which she had arranged so they were next to each other and we had a window. On our laps, our son is seated.

Even though it's still difficult to accept, I did leave the door open to the idea that I 'vibrated' us aboard that plane. You were correct; I only needed to have 51% of my faith. I'm grateful, Rebecca.

New Yorker Tony G

Consider all the occasions when you HAVE gotten something despite your reservations. What do you want right now? Has anyone else ever gotten what they wanted? Is it feasible for you to have it too, if that is the case?

If you'll allow you'll get something.

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